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Treatment Services

Treatment Services
1. Gum/Periodontal Treatment
2. Dental Implants
3. Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeries
4. Ceramic Crown and Bridges
5. Cosmetic Restorations
6. Smile Designing
7. Root Canal Treatment
8. Orthodontic Treatment
9. Teeth Whitening
10. Geriatric Dentistry
11. Pedodontic Dental Care

Gum/Periodontal Treatment : Oral prophylaxis, subgingival curettage, Flap Surgeries, Bone Grafts, Guided Tissue Regeneration, Periodontal Plastic Surgeries, Gingivectomy, Crown Lengthening etc are done here.

Dental Implants : We replace single / multiple lost teeth by using osseointegrated titanium dental implants with FDA approval eg: Endure, Oraltronics etc. Implant supported Complete Dentures are also fabricated.

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeries : Treatment of maxillofacial fractures, surgical Extractions, including Impactions is performed here.

Ceramic Crown and Bridges : Replacement of lost teeth using All Ceramic, Ceramic fused to Metal, Veneers etc.

Cosmetic Restorations : Tooth - coloured composite restorations, All ceramic Crowns, Veneers, Diastema closures etc.

Smile Designing : Use of Veneers, All Ceramic Crowns, Cosmetic Gingival Surgeries etc. are done to enhance the patients smile.

Root Canal Treatment : Single - sitting RCT using Protaper Nickel Titanium rotary instruments with endodontic micromotor - X-Smart (Dentsply), Apicectomies etc. are done.

Orthodontics : Orthodontic tooth movement using Begg and Straight - Wire Technique functional orthopaedic appliances like Frankels appliance, Bionator, Herbst appliance, Twin - Block appliance, Head-gear, Chin-cap, Space Maintainer are used. Invisalign Technique, Tooth Coloured Ceramic Brackets, Lingual Orthodontic, Adult Orhodontics, Micro Implants in utilated cases with posterior tooth loss are the specialities offered here.

Teeth-Whitening : At our practice we follow the most advanced chairside teeth - whitening system --- "Zoom". It is an effective, fast and safe procedure that can be completed in a single 'one hour' appointment. It is ideal for busy individuals looking for immediate results. Log on to www.zoomnow.com for more details.

Geriatric Dentistry : Total rehabilitation of the dental arch including Periodontal Surgery, replacement of teeth crowns, restorations, Extractions, Dentures, Implants, etc.

Pedodontic Dental Care : Pit and Fissure sealants, restorations, Root Canal Treatment, Preventive Orthodontics, etc.

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